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Customer Relations Management

Quick Return on Investment

Customers are easily as important to you as the inventory you carry. With that in mind, The Edge® system provides numerous features that help you maximize your relationship with them – and thus improve sales.

Their History at Your Fingertips

Every activity that takes place at point of sale, every sold item, every repair, every appraisal, every layaway payment and in-store charge is maintained in your customer history automatically. Images of the products they purchased are also attached to the customer’s record when applicable. A simple click of the mouse lets you view all pertinent information instantly.

“Okay, Now, This I Gotta See.”

Customer History

The Customer History tab records every transaction made between the customer and the store. In addition to being valuable for a myriad of operational reasons, The Edge puts it to work for targeting customers. This customer would receive a text, an email, a call or a direct mail piece if the store wished to target customers who spent over $5000 on emerald jewelry.


For services such as repairs, appraisals, special orders and custom jobs the Edge can provide automatic customer notification when the service is completed. The customer simply provides their preferred means of contact, either email of text message and when the service is marked done or in the case of a special order, received, a notification is sent to the customer.

Customer Mailings

The Edge Marketing Program is a special feature of your software designed to save you time and money while building loyalty and driving customers through your door. As an Edge user you have the ability to send professionally designed, personalized postcards directly from The Edge with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Simply choose the card you’d like to send and provide the criteria for a targeted group of customers. If the POS system recorded it, the mailing program will extract it. Send mail to all customers who spent over $1,500 in the last year, or to customers who bought an engagement ring in the last three months – but not a wedding band. Reach out to everyone who has made five or more purchases in the last eighteen months. Contact everyone within a specified zip code. Notify those who have not picked up their repairs or owe you a payment. With The Edge, the possibilities are nearly limitless.

The postcard selection is extensive and covers birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, events, sales and services. It is a most effective way to retain good customers and get them to visit more often – which leads to more sales. The feature is simple to use and can be set to run automatically on a scheduler.

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Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

The Inventory reports give category and vendor-specific information that allow me, at a glance, to make educated decisions on inventory levels, while providing real solutions for eliminating old inventory. The management reports are the most useful we've ever had. Thanks, Dick for the best jeweler software on the market.
David Fikse
Gerald's Jewelry, Oak Harbor, WA
We gather as much information from our clients as they will allow. We ask for birthdays, anniversaries, e-mail addresses and things of that import. Then we use The Edge® postcard program to send mailers to clients wishing them a happy birthday or anniversary, and asking them to bring the card in to receive a discount. We also send customers thank you cards for trusting us with their jewelry and allowing us to repair it.
Stephen Barnes
Barnes Jewelers, Oconomowoc, WI
We would do physical inventory once a year and we would have to close our store for a week. Since it was all handwritten, we had to get our hands on every piece in the store. Since we've converted to The Edge®, it takes us four hours to do what used to take us a week.
Stephen Barnes
Barnes Jewelers, Oconomowoc, WI
Our experience with The Edge Software has been fantastic. They have adapted to our every need. We're amazed at the variety of additional services they offer and the time it saves us. Unlike traditional retail systems, The Edge is perfectly designed for the retail jeweler. Looking back, adding The Edge Software was one of the most positive business decisions we made.
John Barnes Jr.
Barnes Jewelers, Oconomowoc, WI
If I had a head for tech, The Edge® is exactly what I would have created to make my job easier and increase profits for my store. But I’m not a software designer; I’m a jeweler. Luckily, the makers of The Edge are both. What they’ve perfected is the kind of tool every independent retail jeweler needs to build his business.
Jeff Zelesnikar
Awesome Jewelry, Tampa, FL
We have a lot of experience with other jeweler software, and The Edge® is by far the best I have seen. The Point-of-Sale module is very easy to use, from the touch screens to customer Wish Lists. My staff had no problems mastering its operation in just one day. And the information we gathered in just one year's time is exceptional. We now have information at our fingertips to take our business to the next level.
David Fikse
Gerald's Jewelry, Oak Harbor, WA
Our old software was complicated and non-intuitive. The Edge® simply works so much better. Entering inventory is almost fun, training the staff is a breeze, and the customers love the photos on their receipts.
Monika Clodius
Clodius & Co. Jewelers, Rockford, IL
The EDGE has taken our business to a new level of efficiency. Inventory management is now a breeze with information so easily attainable. Customers notice and comment on the professionalism of their repair and jewelry receipts, the EDGE is a must for the Independent Jeweler!
Bailey Workman & Christine Linker
Kent Jewelers, Blacksburg, VA
Switching to The Edge® by Abbott & Shapiro is the single best business decision I've made in my 23 years in business. Dick Abbott, Joe Shapiro, their staff, and their pro-active approach to jewelry store management provide a refreshing change from that of any software provider we've ever used.
Kevin Seele
Kevin's Fine Jewelry, Totowa, NJ
No more guesswork. The Edge® inventory reports outline category and vendor-specific information that allow me to make educated decisions about product levels. Better yet, they provide real solutions for eliminating aging inventory. The most useful management reports I’ve ever seen. The best jeweler software on the market.
Will Dolland
Dolands Jewelers, Davenport, IA