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Inventory Management Is Easy

More Than Software, a Solution

Good inventory management is critical to all successful retail businesses. In fact the single biggest cause of retail failure is poor inventory management. The Edge has a reputation as the best in the industry for managing a jewelry store’s complex inventory. With the help of The Edge, jewelers can establish and maintain a balanced inventory that will optimize sales and investment while maintaining a strong cash flow. Inventories are tuned to the jeweler’s marketplace and sales level. The net result is that more money will end up in your bank account than in idle unnecessary stock.

“But I’ve Got a LOT of Inventory Needs, Guys. Better Walk Me Through It.”

Entering Inventory

Inventory can be entered into The Edge three ways: on a piece-by-piece basis if no purchase order is involved, by invoice when a P.O. is issued or by scanning the barcode on product from vendors that we maintain virtual catalogs on. These vendors consist of Mi Moneda, Ti Sento Milano, Chamilia USA, Chamillia  Canada, Graham International Watchband, Kameleon, Pandora USA, Pandora Canada, O.W.L. (Ones We Love), Trollbeads, and X by Trollbeads.

Vendor ID, style number, invoice number, cost, retail and other required details are keyed into a user-friendly form when entering piece-by-piece, subsequent entries of the same item is even easier, as the system maintains the details from the most recent entry. If a detail changes, only that value needs to be overwritten. The retail price is produced by markup factors supplied in the category or vendor record, ensuring your retail will always be consistent with your pricing strategy.

When a P.O. is issued, an entire invoice of items can be entered with just a couple of mouse clicks. All items on an invoice will be deposited automatically in the correct categories.

A unique SKU is generated and the item is tracked along with all other items featuring the same vendor ID and style number. This provides the ultimate in product control and management. When required, the system also retains information about the type of stone, its color, cut, clarity and certification level. Diamonds, colored gemstones, pearls, jade and opal all have entry fields specific to their requirements.

In the case of bulk items that utilize the same UPC code, diamond melee or precious metal (repair stock) sold by the same unit of measure (carats, grams, dwts, etc.), multiple items can be represented by a single reusable SKU – including pre-ticketed and priced items.

Customize Your Product Tags

The Edge produces barcoded tags that can be printed with up to six lines of information per side. You determine the content based on your needs and it can vary from category to category. Just select the data elements you require on the tag, choose a font style and size to produce a customized tag that meets your specific needs. RFID systems from TJS, GemWare and TracTec are compatible with the EDGE. 


Mylar dumbbell and string tags can be imprinted on thermal transfer printers. These tags are impervious to steam and will withstand multiple ultrasonic washings. The Edge software also lets you update tags easily by allowing you to select all string tags or dumbbell tags in one pass for printing.

Take Control of Your Inventory

Procedures are built into the system allowing you to perform a physical count of your complete inventory or subsets of your inventory using a barcode scanner or RFID readers. This allows most stores to complete a full-store physical inventory in less than a day. Case count reports are designed to be used more frequently throughout the year to monitor the movement of your more expensive goods. Should a tag come off a piece of jewelry, just by providing a couple of key characteristics about the item (Pendant, 14KYG, Sapphire, $1500 – $2000) the EDGE will return an image of all the items that share those characteristics making it easy to find and retag. . 


Create a More Profitable Inventory

Sales are lost if customers don’t find what they are looking for. Worse yet sometimes customers gravitate to other stores if they don’t find what they are looking for after a few visits. The EDGE systematically helps to create a more dynamic, higher profit inventory while maintaining a positive cash flow. The EDGE inventory reports (fast sellers, replenish levels, recovered funds and open to buy) give the jewelry store owner the facts needed to make good buying decisions with confidence.

Maintain Your Edge

Once you have created your high output inventory, keeping it that way is a snap. By using the “Never-Outs” and “Fast Sellers” features together with the Inventory Management Reorder feature, it will take you less than half an hour a week to maintain your optimum inventory. No more lost sales because a popular item is out-of-stock. One simple report lists all products eligible for reorder. You click on the items you want and the software drops them into a shopping cart – producing as many POs as required to order your selected items.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

We would do physical inventory once a year and we would have to close our store for a week. Since it was all handwritten, we had to get our hands on every piece in the store. Since we've converted to The Edge®, it takes us four hours to do what used to take us a week.
Stephen Barnes
Barnes Jewelers, Oconomowoc, WI
Daily reports give us up-to-date information about what’s in our inventory. If something is selling well, we can order more so we’re never out. No more disappointed customers and lost sales. More importantly, if a product isn’t moving, we can skip reordering it and move on to something else.
Greg Raymond
Raymond Jewelers, Wethersfield, CT
We have daily reports that give us up-to-the-minute information about what is in the inventory. We can track things and bring in new inventory if it's selling well. Just as important, if a product line is proving a dud, the store can skip it and move on to something else.
Dave Anderson
Anderson Jewelers, Ann Arbor, MI
We would do physical inventory once a year and we would have to close our store for a week. Since it was all handwritten, we had to get our hands on every piece in the store. Since we've converted to The Edge®, it takes us four hours to do what used to take us a week.
Stephen Barnes
Barnes Jewelers, Oconomowoc, WI
Our experience with The Edge Software has been fantastic. They have adapted to our every need. We're amazed at the variety of additional services they offer and the time it saves us. Unlike traditional retail systems, The Edge is perfectly designed for the retail jeweler. Looking back, adding The Edge Software was one of the most positive business decisions we made.
John Barnes Jr.
Barnes Jewelers, Oconomowoc, WI
The EDGE has taken our business to a new level of efficiency. Inventory management is now a breeze with information so easily attainable. Customers notice and comment on the professionalism of their repair and jewelry receipts, the EDGE is a must for the Independent Jeweler!
Bailey Workman & Christine Linker
Kent Jewelers, Blacksburg, VA
We have always had the Geller book, but since we uploaded it into The Edge system, and began using The Edge for repair intake, the process has become so much easier. Before, it was like a guessing game. Now, we use the SKU to input repairs, and the amount is already calculated. I and my employees have been very pleased. Best of all, my profit for repairs has increased drastically.
Brandie McCoy
Imperial Jewelers, St. Thomas
I had a lot of older employees who did not like change, but once they saw what The Edge® was doing for the store they turned around. The Edge is very user friendly. At the time we installed it three employees had never used a computer in their lives. It was just one or two weeks before they felt comfortable using it.
Stephen Barnes
Barnes Jewelers, Oconomowoc, WI
If I had a head for tech, The Edge® is exactly what I would have created to make my job easier and increase profits for my store. But I’m not a software designer; I’m a jeweler. Luckily, the makers of The Edge are both. What they’ve perfected is the kind of tool every independent retail jeweler needs to build his business.
Jeff Zelesnikar
Awesome Jewelry, Tampa, FL
Switching to The Edge® by Abbott & Shapiro is the single best business decision I've made in my 23 years in business. Dick Abbott, Joe Shapiro, their staff, and their pro-active approach to jewelry store management provide a refreshing change from that of any software provider we've ever used.
Kevin Seele
Kevin's Fine Jewelry, Totowa, NJ
We at Glitz & Glamour thought we had a great point-of-sale system until we needed to upgrade our old, out-of-date computer equipment. For most stores this wouldn’t be a big deal. For us it was! The point-of-sale system we were using was also obsolete and could not be upgraded. So, we took the plunge and bought new computers and a new software package, The Edge. We are so pleased with the functionality! We can scan bar codes to input merchandise, something we couldn’t do before, saving us so much time. Inventory used to take us months to complete. This year? Just a few days. Everyday transactions are quick and easy. We can complete multiple transactions for a customer on one receipt. Before, we had to separate out each transaction. Now, customers spend most of their time making their selection instead of checking out. And did I mention The Edge reporting feature? We have been able to pull reports for any request or reason. No more manual reporting needed!  We thought we had a great point-of-sale system. We were so wrong. Now we know we have one!
Lorraine McHargue
Glitz & Glamour, , Acworth, GA