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The Edge makes the management of store services more organized and efficient resulting in higher productivity and happy customers. All service jobs (repair, custom order, special order, and appraisal) originate at POS and can be tracked from this point until time of delivery. Each of these jobs which are created at POS can generate a barcoded envelop whose whereabouts can readily be determined. An Edge user will identify all of the places along the path that a service job may travel. A simple repair may go from the input box to a jeweler’s bench, to a done box, to a QA box, to a call box, to a pickup box. Each person in the process simply scans the envelop to the next appropriate place. The locations can either be within the store or a trade shop off premises. Reports in the Edge will show the user where every job is, when it was assigned there and by whom. Sales associates can advise customers on the exact status of their service jobs with a couple of mouse clicks through the POS module,


The David Geller Repair Method is supported by The Edge (you must subscribe to his book) that will enable even your part-time sales staff to estimate repair pricing more accurately. Job tracking and customer notification are features that improve your service and save time. The Edge can text customers automatically as their repairs are marked as completed. Edge reports let you see where jobs are in the process minimizing the number of repairs that might fall through the cracks.


Appraisals originate at POS whether there is a charge for the service or not. A record of the service is required to track and deliver the finished appraisal to the right person. The appraisal template can be modified by the user to create the document style they prefer. Forms can be set up for insurance replacement, estate evaluation, etc. Images are easily incorporated with appraised items. Pre-appraisals are a part of the inventory system. If when entering an item into inventory a detailed description that would qualify as appraisal text then with the sale of that item the salesperson would be alerted that they could deliver an appraisal on the spot. A click of a button would product the appraisal at time of sale.

Custom Jobs

Custom jobs are those items made specifically at the request of your customer. They may be made from all materials supplied by the store or by the customer or a combination of both. Materials ordered for a custom job are assigned to the job by bag number minimizing the potential for mistakes and speeding up the process. Using Edge reports makes managing and tracking custom jobs a lot easier.

Special Orders

Special Orders in the Edge are items that are not in inventory but can be sourced and delivered to the store to satisfy customers’ needs. Special Orders originate at POS but get placed by the service department who may need to gather more details or make a call or two to source. When special ordered items are received into inventory a pop-up appears on screen that alerts the operator and assigns the received item to the customer. The entry person can place the received item into the customers envelop and a text message can be automatically sent to the customer. Simple workflow procedures in the Edge will help you manage your service department more effectively.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

We use The Edge® for many different operations. We use it to track custom work within our repair department. We use it to track what kind of volume and sales we’re doing in our repair department. We use it for our appraisal services. On the financial side, The Edge integrates so well with QuickBooks it’s as if the system has a built-in accounting module.
Stephen Barnes
Barnes Jewelers
The Inventory reports give category and vendor-specific information that allow me, at a glance, to make educated decisions on inventory levels, while providing real solutions for eliminating old inventory. The management reports are the most useful we've ever had. Thanks, Dick for the best jeweler software on the market.
David Fikse
Gerald's Jewelry, Oak Harbor, WA
Our old software was complicated and non-intuitive. The Edge® simply works so much better. Entering inventory is almost fun, training the staff is a breeze, and the customers love the photos on their receipts.
Monika Clodius
Clodius & Co. Jewelers, Rockford, IL
The best money we’ve ever spent. When we first installed The Edge®, we took part in a two-day training session that got us up and running with none of the transitional issues you would normally expect with a new system. Since then, I’ve also gone to their seminars and learned additional ways to use the software to increase my store’s profitability. Quite simply, our business has prospered because of The Edge.
Michael Bartorelli
Michael’s Jewelers & Gemologist, Haddon Heights, NJ
Our experience with The Edge Software has been fantastic. They have adapted to our every need. We're amazed at the variety of additional services they offer and the time it saves us. Unlike traditional retail systems, The Edge is perfectly designed for the retail jeweler. Looking back, adding The Edge Software was one of the most positive business decisions we made.
John Barnes Jr.
Barnes Jewelers, Oconomowoc, WI
We have been using The EDGE software for 6 years and would never think of changing. There is so much the software is capable of. We utilize the purchase order feature daily and the AIMS autopilot has increased our fast sellers and stock turn. We shop smarter at the jewelry shows and have really learned how to make our inventory work for us. We use the Customer Relationship Management tools to create detailed reports for our staff to do more effective clienteling, which takes the “selling” out of the sales process. There are features that help you track how effective your marketing efforts are right at the Point of Sale screen. It’s easy for all the staff to record how or what brought a customer into the store. There really are so many great features to The EDGE software that I can’t possibly list them all, but without hesitation I would recommend The Edge to any retailer, except my competition of course!
Kim Elton
Peter & Co. Jewelers, Avon Lake, OH
If I had a head for tech, The Edge® is exactly what I would have created to make my job easier and increase profits for my store. But I’m not a software designer; I’m a jeweler. Luckily, the makers of The Edge are both. What they’ve perfected is the kind of tool every independent retail jeweler needs to build his business.
Jeff Zelesnikar
Awesome Jewelry, Tampa, FL
No more guesswork. The Edge® inventory reports outline category and vendor-specific information that allow me to make educated decisions about product levels. Better yet, they provide real solutions for eliminating aging inventory. The most useful management reports I’ve ever seen. The best jeweler software on the market.
Will Dolland
Dolands Jewelers, Davenport, IA
The Edge®, by Abbott Jewelry Systems, was the key to ‘jump starting’ our new store, and helped us increase sales over 250 percent without going crazy. We're finally organized!
Mark Clodius
Clodius & Co. Jewelers, Rockford, IL
The EDGE has taken our business to a new level of efficiency. Inventory management is now a breeze with information so easily attainable. Customers notice and comment on the professionalism of their repair and jewelry receipts, the EDGE is a must for the Independent Jeweler!
Bailey Workman & Christine Linker
Kent Jewelers, Blacksburg, VA