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The Edge - Single Store, Single Workstation
Operating Requirements
The Edge - Single Store, Three Workstations
Operating Requirements

Terms: Software: 25% Down, 30-60-90
All Other Items: Payment with Order

  • Prices do not include computers. Laser or ink-jet printer (not included) required for receipts and reports.
  • Use of software subject to license agreement. Click here for details.
  • A $500 deposit is required to schedule data conversion. Data conversion will proceed after fee is paid in full.
  • High Speed Internet required for some services.
  • All prices subject to change. Written price quotes are valid for 90 days.
Software Product Price
The Edge® – Single Store, Single Workstation $4600.00
The Edge® – Single Store, Three Workstations $5700.00
Additional Workstations (each)
(Volume discounts apply)
Additional Store (includes one workstation) $5100.00
Software Support (Annual) Price
Six Months Included with Purchase Free
Annual Renewal For MS Access Version 15%
Annual Renewal For MS SQL Server Version 20%
Equipment/Hardware Products Price
Tag Printer $500.00
Barcode Scanner $200.00
Imaging System (Auto-Focus Webcam and Non-Lighted Box) $180.00
Training Price
EDGE 101 Introductory 16-hour class in Connecticut classroom or Webinar. Other training options available. Introductory Training Offer
$750.00 credit toward introductory class (Shelton or Webinar).
One credit per store.
Offer expires 120 days after software purchase.
Software Support Price
Customers, Vendors, Inventory, and Inventory Sales History… (Typically $1,000 per source, ARMS $1750, SWIM $1750) By Quote
Multi-store conversions: 2nd and additional stores, same source, same options, each priced at 50% of the first store. By Quote

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

The great support we receive will make The Edge® the last system we will ever need.
Tom Hart
Hart Jewelers, Grant Pass, OR
Our experience with The Edge Software has been fantastic. They have adapted to our every need. We're amazed at the variety of additional services they offer and the time it saves us. Unlike traditional retail systems, The Edge is perfectly designed for the retail jeweler. Looking back, adding The Edge Software was one of the most positive business decisions we made.
John Barnes Jr.
Barnes Jewelers, Oconomowoc, WI
We have daily reports that give us up-to-the-minute information about what is in the inventory. We can track things and bring in new inventory if it's selling well. Just as important, if a product line is proving a dud, the store can skip it and move on to something else.
Dave Anderson
Anderson Jewelers, Ann Arbor, MI
We would do physical inventory once a year and we would have to close our store for a week. Since it was all handwritten, we had to get our hands on every piece in the store. Since we've converted to The Edge®, it takes us four hours to do what used to take us a week.
Stephen Barnes
Barnes Jewelers, Oconomowoc, WI
Our old software was complicated and non-intuitive. The Edge® simply works so much better. Entering inventory is almost fun, training the staff is a breeze, and the customers love the photos on their receipts.
Monika Clodius
Clodius & Co. Jewelers, Rockford, IL
Daily reports give us up-to-date information about what’s in our inventory. If something is selling well, we can order more so we’re never out. No more disappointed customers and lost sales. More importantly, if a product isn’t moving, we can skip reordering it and move on to something else.
Greg Raymond
Raymond Jewelers, Wethersfield, CT
No more guesswork. The Edge® inventory reports outline category and vendor-specific information that allow me to make educated decisions about product levels. Better yet, they provide real solutions for eliminating aging inventory. The most useful management reports I’ve ever seen. The best jeweler software on the market.
Will Dolland
Dolands Jewelers, Davenport, IA
The EDGE has taken our business to a new level of efficiency. Inventory management is now a breeze with information so easily attainable. Customers notice and comment on the professionalism of their repair and jewelry receipts, the EDGE is a must for the Independent Jeweler!
Bailey Workman & Christine Linker
Kent Jewelers, Blacksburg, VA
We have been using The EDGE software for 6 years and would never think of changing. There is so much the software is capable of. We utilize the purchase order feature daily and the AIMS autopilot has increased our fast sellers and stock turn. We shop smarter at the jewelry shows and have really learned how to make our inventory work for us. We use the Customer Relationship Management tools to create detailed reports for our staff to do more effective clienteling, which takes the “selling” out of the sales process. There are features that help you track how effective your marketing efforts are right at the Point of Sale screen. It’s easy for all the staff to record how or what brought a customer into the store. There really are so many great features to The EDGE software that I can’t possibly list them all, but without hesitation I would recommend The Edge to any retailer, except my competition of course!
Kim Elton
Peter & Co. Jewelers, Avon Lake, OH
We at Glitz & Glamour thought we had a great point-of-sale system until we needed to upgrade our old, out-of-date computer equipment. For most stores this wouldn’t be a big deal. For us it was! The point-of-sale system we were using was also obsolete and could not be upgraded. So, we took the plunge and bought new computers and a new software package, The Edge. We are so pleased with the functionality! We can scan bar codes to input merchandise, something we couldn’t do before, saving us so much time. Inventory used to take us months to complete. This year? Just a few days. Everyday transactions are quick and easy. We can complete multiple transactions for a customer on one receipt. Before, we had to separate out each transaction. Now, customers spend most of their time making their selection instead of checking out. And did I mention The Edge reporting feature? We have been able to pull reports for any request or reason. No more manual reporting needed!  We thought we had a great point-of-sale system. We were so wrong. Now we know we have one!
Lorraine McHargue
Glitz & Glamour, , Acworth, GA