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Ten Reasons to Make The Edge® Your First Choice


Software must do what you need it to do, period. The Edge offers all the functionality an independent retail jeweler needs to grow and prosper: an eloquent POS module, a powerful customer management module with features unlike any other software, the best inventory management system for retail jewelry stores you can find, a direct interface with QuickBooks, and a back room module for managing repairs, special orders and custom jobs.


It is said that software is only as good as its support. The Edge support staff is unsurpassed, boasting the largest and best trained team in the industry. They take pleasure in delivering the right solutions in a timely fashion.


Training is essential to achieving the best performance from software. Since every retailer has different training needs, we offer a variety of options to accommodate your specific requirements. Twenty-four hours of training is provided free via a live webinar or in our Connecticut location. In-store training is also available for an additional fee. In addition, advanced operational and management programs are hosted regularly via webinars or at sites across the US.

Increased Profitability – Guaranteed

The Edge is guaranteed to perform. If it does not measure up to your expectations or meet your needs we will refund your software costs 100%  within the first year. Click here for details. The Edge will not only pay for itself but it will help you to realize the full potential in your business.

Unparalleled Industry Knowledge

One of the company’s principals has owned a successful retail jewelry store for 35 years; staff members have over 50 years of jewelry store experience. We can draw on over 100 years of jewelry retail experience from our sister company the Edge Retail Academy. This expertise is what makes The Edge the industry’s leading software.

Independent Jeweler Focus

We concentrate at being the very best at what we do: serving the independent retail jeweler, not the chain stores or jewelry wholesalers or manufactures. All of our time and energy is focused on building a better retail jewelry system. Our clients take comfort in knowing their system is never going to slip into a time warp technologically or functionally, and that our resources will always be committed to them.

Company Stability

More retail jewelers have chosen The Edge over the last ten years than any other jewelry-specific management system: over 2,500 in the USA and another several hundred in New Zealand and Australia. This is important to us in that it validates our efforts and position as #1 in the industry. We employ 31 people, all focused on making your business better through the use of technology and software. Our business model includes revenue streams outside of software sales that provide the financial stability to insure that we’ll be here for you for the long haul.

Security & Performance

The Edge is locally deployed to provide you with the level of security you require. Only you provide and own the sensitive data you’ve collected about your customers. No cloud computing for us yet; at least not until all the major security issues are sorted out.

Top Ratings

You can feel confident that you’re purchasing the system chosen by more independent retail jewelers than any other. We were selected #1 by readers of INSTORE magazine (Big Survey Volume 6, Issue 4), receiving more votes than all of the other 15 mentioned competitors. We are pleased by the survey’s results; however, seeing our customers’ businesses improve gives us real satisfaction. We are longtime providers of software to IJO and RJO and we are proud to have achieved Microsoft’s gold partner status reserved for the few who meet their stringent requirements.


Price should be the least important concern when purchasing software. The right software can transform your business into the operation you’ve always dreamed of; whereas, the wrong software, no matter the price, can have a devastating effect on morale, productivity and profits. The Edge is very competitively priced, yet delivers functionality that is equal to or superior to systems priced six or more times higher. There is no better value than The Edge in the marketplace.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

If I had a head for tech, The Edge® is exactly what I would have created to make my job easier and increase profits for my store. But I’m not a software designer; I’m a jeweler. Luckily, the makers of The Edge are both. What they’ve perfected is the kind of tool every independent retail jeweler needs to build his business.
Jeff Zelesnikar
Awesome Jewelry, Tampa, FL
The Edge® is the best money we've ever spent. It's one of the main reasons our business has prospered. When we first installed The Edge software, we underwent a two-day training session. Since then, I've taken part in seminars to better understand how to use the software from a management standpoint. I've probably been to four weeks of classes with The Edge, and it’s been very beneficial.
Stephen Barnes
Barnes Jewelers, Oconomowoc, WI
The Inventory reports give category and vendor-specific information that allow me, at a glance, to make educated decisions on inventory levels, while providing real solutions for eliminating old inventory. The management reports are the most useful we've ever had. Thanks, Dick for the best jeweler software on the market.
David Fikse
Gerald's Jewelry, Oak Harbor, WA
The great support we receive will make The Edge® the last system we will ever need.
Tom Hart
Hart Jewelers, Grant Pass, OR
We would do physical inventory once a year and we would have to close our store for a week. Since it was all handwritten, we had to get our hands on every piece in the store. Since we've converted to The Edge®, it takes us four hours to do what used to take us a week.
Stephen Barnes
Barnes Jewelers, Oconomowoc, WI
We have been using The EDGE software for 6 years and would never think of changing. There is so much the software is capable of. We utilize the purchase order feature daily and the AIMS autopilot has increased our fast sellers and stock turn. We shop smarter at the jewelry shows and have really learned how to make our inventory work for us. We use the Customer Relationship Management tools to create detailed reports for our staff to do more effective clienteling, which takes the “selling” out of the sales process. There are features that help you track how effective your marketing efforts are right at the Point of Sale screen. It’s easy for all the staff to record how or what brought a customer into the store. There really are so many great features to The EDGE software that I can’t possibly list them all, but without hesitation I would recommend The Edge to any retailer, except my competition of course!
Kim Elton
Peter & Co. Jewelers, Avon Lake, OH
The Edge®, by Abbott Jewelry Systems, was the key to ‘jump starting’ our new store, and helped us increase sales over 250 percent without going crazy. We're finally organized!
Mark Clodius
Clodius & Co. Jewelers, Rockford, IL
We have a lot of experience with other jeweler software, and The Edge® is by far the best I have seen. The Point-of-Sale module is very easy to use, from the touch screens to customer Wish Lists. My staff had no problems mastering its operation in just one day. And the information we gathered in just one year's time is exceptional. We now have information at our fingertips to take our business to the next level.
David Fikse
Gerald's Jewelry, Oak Harbor, WA
I had a lot of older employees who did not like change, but once they saw what The Edge® was doing for the store they turned around. The Edge is very user friendly. At the time we installed it three employees had never used a computer in their lives. It was just one or two weeks before they felt comfortable using it.
Stephen Barnes
Barnes Jewelers, Oconomowoc, WI
No more guesswork. The Edge® inventory reports outline category and vendor-specific information that allow me to make educated decisions about product levels. Better yet, they provide real solutions for eliminating aging inventory. The most useful management reports I’ve ever seen. The best jeweler software on the market.
Will Dolland
Dolands Jewelers, Davenport, IA